Why Am I Always Tired and Have No Energy

Do you wake up and already then you think that why am i always tired and have no energy? Are you a perfectionist, your body lacks iron, do you drink too much coffee? “Challenger” poses a difficult task -help you to return vivacity and the ability to enjoy life.

why am i always tired and have no energy

Read on These 14 Reasons Why You Feel Always Tired

1. You are lazy to go in for sports

This seems paradoxical, but a moderate physical load does not deprive you of the rest of your strength, but on the contrary, makes you feel more cheerful. Regular exercises increase strength and endurance, help the cardiovascular system to work effectively, improve the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients. If there is no way to go to the gym, even a half hour of walking can be useful.

2. You do not drink enough fluids

According to scientists, even a small loss of fluid in the body can worsen your well-being, if it does not make up for it in time. This phenomenon is called dehydration. The blood becomes thicker, which negatively affects the blood supply of all organs. Therefore, on hot days or during training, when you sweat, try to drink more water.

3. Your body lacks iron

Iron is a necessary component of hemoglobin, which is responsible for the delivery of oxygen in your body. When the iron is not enough, you begin to feel constant fatigue and weakness. This condition is called iron deficiency anemia and occurs quite often. If you suspect her at home, you should see a doctor.

4. You are “sick” with perfectionism

The desire to achieve perfection in absolutely everything (which, by the way, is impossible) makes you work much more. The habit of setting ambitious goals that are difficult to achieve deprives you of the opportunity to feel satisfaction from daily joys and small achievements. Accustom yourself to set a clear time frame for achieving each task and do not forget to leave time for rest. This will help you to realize that it’s not so productive to detain at work late.

5. Do you like to inflate an elephant from a fly?

There are enough problems in your life, but you should not over dramatize everything. If you live with constant fears that the boss will definitely sack you after another broken deadline, a robber will be waiting for you in every dark alley, and the plane that is carrying out your flight tomorrow will certainly be broken, you’ll tire of one of your own fears. Calm down, take a deep breath and think, what is the probability of these fears actually. Most likely it is so small that you should think about something more pleasant.

6. Do you forget to have breakfast?

A full breakfast is the basis for a successful start to the day. Otherwise your body will not have enough calories to do anything. Especially useful breakfasts using dairy products and cereals, for example, muesli and low-fat yogurt. A pair of mouth-watering fruits also does not hurt.

7. You “hooked” on fast food

Fast food is a food rich in simple carbohydrates, after taking it sharply increases the level of glucose in the blood. Even if you do not have diabetes, for the body it is still a serious test of strength, which can manifest itself in the form of fatigue. Try to eat a healthy diet that contains enough protein and fiber.

8. You do not know how to tell people not

Constant caring for others tires, especially if it is at the expense of itself. No doubt, we must take care of our relatives and friends, but sometimes they can do without us. If you feel that you cannot refuse overly persistent requests, practice loudly, there is no talking in front of the mirror. This will add to your confidence, and you will understand that the rejection does not sound so scary.

9. There’s a mess on your desktop

Piling up rubbish on the desktop can be a serious problem. It will not allow you to gather to solve current problems, and the search for extra hands will require a lot of effort and nerves. Keep your things in order – it will save you unnecessary trouble.

10. You work even on vacation

If instead of relaxing in the pool, you check the mail every 5 minutes, finish the deferred business or start a repair, you can think that the vacation is wasted. You need rest to gather your thoughts and gain strength for the work ahead. Otherwise, your productivity will drop dramatically, and fatigue will appear from one thought about the upcoming business.

11. You cannot sleep without a glass of wine

A bit of light alcohol before going to bed is, perhaps, beautiful and romantic, but, alas, it is not very useful if it becomes a habit. A glass of wine, at first glance, helps to fall asleep, but negatively affects the quality of sleep. As a result, you do not rest at night, which leads to the accumulation of fatigue for weeks and months.

12. You fall asleep with a smartphone in your hands

Thanks to the new gadgets, you can easily watch the series before going to bed or respond to messages from friends. However, the light of the bright screen for your body is indistinguishable from sunlight, which blocks the production of melatonin – a hormone that helps us fall asleep. Therefore, half an hour before bedtime, bright light should be avoided, and gadget screens should be kept away from the eyes.

13. You used to rely on caffeine

Strong coffee or tea helps to gather your thoughts, but with excessive use, their effectiveness is reduced. Moreover, caffeine deceives your body, forcing it to work, despite fatigue, which turns out to be more severe fatigue when the effect of caffeine is over. High doses of caffeine are simply dangerous. Try to plan your day so as to reduce the number of cups of coffee drunk.

14. You stay up late on weekends

The lack of sleep is almost the main source of fatigue. During the week, cases often force us to stay on our feet until late in the evening, but on weekends we also often do not let ourselves get enough sleep. Try to relax on the weekend to the maximum: not only having fun with friends, but also spending enough time to sleep. Then within the next week you will feel better.

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