21 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas That Tastes Delicious

Eating low carb breakfast ideas has gained popularity in recent years, usually due to the fact that every day people want to control their weight and avoid health problems due to obesity. Therefore, today it is preferable to replace daily doses of carbohydrates with foods that contain many nutrients.

low carb breakfast ideas

If you are aiming to lose weight, the alternative of eating low carbohydrate foods is a very good idea. Although they contain few carbohydrates, proteins of high biological value and good fats can be consumed.

Limiting carbohydrates can help reduce calorie intake, helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Here are 21 delicious low carb breakfast ideas that will help you achieve your goal and start the day with energy and encouragement.

1. Omelet of Egg With Vegetables and Cheese

Other of the foods that can be used for the preparation of low carb breakfast is the egg, it is rich in proteins, it is also very versatile.

See the recipe here.

2. Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Other low-carbohydrate breakfasts that you can add to your daily diet is a rich Mexican egg dish, prepared with scallion, pickled jalapeños, tomato, and shredded cheese.

See the recipe here.

3. Coconut Flour Waffles

Another breakfast low in carbohydrates that you can enjoy are the waffles, and contrary to the wheat flour that is usually used for its preparation. You can replace it with coconut flour, it also does not contain gluten.

See the recipe here.

4. Strawberry Milkshake

There are many low-carbohydrate shake recipes, which in addition to being delicious are low in calories, the advantage of preparing them is that they are very quick and easy to make.

Strawberries are a very low carb fruit, you can use soy or almond milk, use half a cup of chopped strawberries. You can use a little Stevia sweetener if you wish.

See the recipe here.

5. Yogurt with Almonds, Blackberries

If you’re in a hurry and want a low-carbohydrate but nutritious breakfast, you can opt for this quick choice. In a bowl put a cup of plain yogurt without added sugar and add half a cup of blackberries.

To complement it and you can have the benefits of good fats, add 7 almonds.

See the recipe here.

6. Almond Flour Pancakes

As mentioned, you can prepare breakfasts low in carbohydrates, without the need to dispense with rolls, waffles, or hot cakes. But the key will be to use low-carbohydrate flours such as: coconut, almond, soy flour.

Enjoy a delicious bread cake with peanut butter, you can add pieces of turkey ham or bacon to the preparation. Accompany with a fruit such as kiwi or grapefruit that are low in carbohydrates.

See the recipe here.

7. Blackberry Milkshake

You can start the day with a rich blackberry milkshake, you can prepare it with Greek yogurt or skim milk. Add some nuts to complement this shake and have energy. If you are a little hungry, you can eat two taquitos of turkey ham with fresh cheese.

See the recipe here.

8. Scrambled Egg With Ham

One of the most traditional breakfasts is to start with a plate of scrambled eggs with a little ham. You can accompany it with a cup of milk with coffee and a slice of oat bran bread.

See the recipe here.

9. Strawberries with Blueberries

Enjoy a plate of sliced strawberries, add some blackberries or blueberries. Accompany with almonds with fresh cheese and spinach or chard.

10. Turkey Salad Sandwich

Prepare a rich sandwich with lettuce in lguar bread and turkey ham. Complement with a few slices of tomato and avocado. Accompany with a fruit such as apple, kiwi or grapefruit.

See the recipe here.

11. Eggs with Bacon

Ingredients: Eggs and bacon
Make 2 constipated eggs and accompany them with bacon.

See the recipe here.

12. Soybean Roll with Cheese and Vegetables

One of the options you have for low carb breakfast is to prepare a rich cheese bun with vegetables, you can prepare them by replacing traditional wheat flour with soy flour.

To make them rich and fluffy, you can add baking soda. Add small pieces of pumpkin, spinach, red pepper and cream cheese.

13. Greek Veggie Wrap

You can prepare a wrap with low omelet in carobohydrates. Add roasted vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, spinach, onions, mushrooms. You can enjoy with a few slices of avocado.

See the recipe here.

14. Cream Cheese Pancakes

Other low-carbohydrate and classic breakfasts are salty pancakes. Add pieces of cream cheese, ham and / or bacon. Consume a fruit such as grapefruit or red fruits.

See the recipe here.

15. Coffee Smoothie with Nuts

Another practical and quick breakfast, prepare a rich coffee smoothie with nuts. You can use almond milk, skim milk or coconut milk. Accompany with low carb biscuits.

See the recipe here.

16. Lemon Sour Cream Muffins

Now cheesecake for breakfast! They are fresh lemon muffin wrapped around a cream cheese center. They are delicious for breakfast or tea, but they also work well for an evening treatment with a mixed fruity drink in one night.

See the recipe here.

17. Pumpkin Bread French Toast

I like to enjoy a good breakfast in the mornings. A little coffee, cereals, milk and, if possible, some toasted bread. Or at least that was my morning menu until I got to know the delicious recipe of Pumpkin Bread French toast.

See the recipe here.

18. Breakfast Asparagus

This breakfast looks difficult, but it really isn’t. All you need is one skillet, a few minutes and a tasty breakfast is served!

See the recipe here.

19. Raspberry Granite

If you want to start the day with a fresh drink, you can prepare a raspberry slush with the lemon juice. Drink at the moment. Accompany with ham and cheese with multigrain bread.

See the recipe here.

20. Mediterranean Turkey Sandwiches

A very healthy way to have breakfast, prepare a sandwich by changing the bread with lettuce leaves and fresh basil, sliced roasted tomato, black pepper, olive oil, turkey slices and swiss cheese.

See the recipe here.

21. Tuna with Tomato and Onion

Tuna does not provide carbohydrates, so it looks great on the low carb breakfast list. Prepare it with tomato and onion. Add a little mayonnaise and mustard.

You can use a can of tuna in water. Add fresh lettuce, onion, tomato and avocado.

See the recipe here.

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