Low Carb 30 Minute Meals Cookbook – 430 Easy Low Carb Recipes

Low carb 30 minute meals

Grab 400+ Low Carb 30 Minute Meals and Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine. Lose Up to 1-2 Pounds Per Day!

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This ultimate cookbook brings you 430 easy low carb recipes from dinner to dessert that you can make under 30 minutes.

Every recipe contains less than 10 grams of carbs per serving.

These low carb recipes are designed to burn fat, build muscle and get you lean.

10th December 2018

Hi, I’m Angela Drew, and I’m about to tell you my epic story that how I was able to lose 96 pounds of ugly body fat and kept it off…

Six years ago I weighed a hefty 278 pounds and I didn’t look, or feel good.

I was ashamed by the weight I’d gained and was struggling to lose weight…

Things began to get out of control after our kids came along, when finding the time to eat well and stay fit became a whole lot harder.

Once I reached my early 40s, I began to put on more and more weight, particularly around the belly.

Woman fat belly

I tried every weight loss fad and followed the advice of “fitness gurus” who preached tons of cardio and crazy diets.

But I just couldn’t get rid of pounds and pounds of stubborn excess fat.

I was disappointed, and slowly, I was getting frustrated.

I felt absolutely helpless.

Maybe you’ve felt this too…

After trying countless “Diets”, Gimmicky Fat Burner Supplements, it all ended in 2012 after I started to follow the low carb way of eating…

And that’s when I got the surprise of my life which turns out to be the real breakthrough for Weight Loss!

In just 6 months, I went from a mammoth 278 pounds to the fit and healthy 182 pounds.

Angela before and after photo

Faster than I could ever imagine, without a single second of exercise, or ever feeling hungry.

A crazy 96 pounds reduction in body weight.

I felt full and satisfied after every meal.

Since 2012, I have been experimenting with low carb meals and discovered that not only they can burn fat, but also helps to improve health dramatically.

My Husband and I have been eating low carb for over six years now.

It’s NO secret that eating low carb meals regularly reduces FAT production.

In fact, it turns your body into a 24/7 fat-burning machine so that you can even burn fat while you sleep.

Today is your most IMPORTANT day because…

I’m going to reveal to you my proven Low Carb Recipes that helped me to shed away my stubborn body fats.


Low Carb 30 Minute Meals

Low carb cookbook

Low Carb 30 Minute Meals cookbook brings you 430 Low Carb Recipes from dinner to dessert with a huge variety of ingredients and flavors so you never will get bored!

All these recipes include scientifically proven fat burning low carb foods that fuel your internal furnace to rapidly burn fat.

They’re Great Tasting and they all take 30 MINUTES or LESS to prepare, leaving you time to spend with your family, talk to friends, or help the children with their homework.

I have organized the recipes BRILLIANTLY so you can find everything you’re looking for in NO TIME.

These recipes are incredibly easy to prepare, using ingredients you can find in any supermarket.

You can browse the Low Carb recipe collection on your Mac, PC, Tablet and even your smart phone.



What’s Included In The Cookbook:

With over 400 Low Carb Recipes in 12 categories now you can make delicious low carb meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, without having to repeat the same meals over and over again.

  • Breakfast (60 recipes)
  • Lunch (25 recipes)
  • Dinner (50 recipes)
  • Chicken (25 recipes)
  • Beef (20 recipes)
  • Pork (15 recipes)
  • Vegetarian (30 recipes)
  • Appetizers (50 recipes)
  • Side Dishes (25 recipes)
  • Snacks (30 recipes)
  • Soups (20 recipes)
  • Desserts (50 recipes)
  • Drinks & Smoothies (30 recipes)

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Recipes Inside…

9 low carb recipes from 30 minute low carb meals cookbook

Time is precious and most of us have a limited time to spend on cooking in our busy lives, but we still want to eat and serve healthy and delicious food.

But NOW, with this stunningly simple Low Carb Recipes…

… I’ll make you an EXPERT in the kitchen to cook Mouth-Watering Low Carb Meals in minutes.

You’ll find dozens of exciting ways to vary a hamburger, a steak, pork chops, chicken, and even fish.

You’ll find pancakes in sticky maple syrup, spicy barbecued chicken, mouthwatering pizzas, and grilled shrimp with cilantro dipping sauce…

Low carb spicy barbecued chicken

Then there’s pumpkin pie spiced waffles, homemade chicken tortilla soup, mushroom and spinach saute, Moroccan meatballs, minute steaks with barbeque butter sauce…

Not to mention delicious, lip-smacking desserts like chocolate donut delight, peanut butter kiss cookies, New York style Lemon cheesecake, marshmallow fudge, black velvet cupcakes…

And that’s just the beginning.

There’s so much variety and so much choice.

Not only are the meals packed full of filling and satisfying recipes, they all taste incredible too.

In short, this cookbook has recipes for all sorts of things you never dreamed you could have on a low-carb diet.

Would You Eat This Pizza?

Low carb keto pizza

Yes, you would. Can you believe it has less than 10 grams of usable carbs?

In fact, EVERY recipe in this book (all 430 of them) contains less than 10 grams of carbs per serving.

With every recipe, I’ve included the carb count so you’ll know exactly what’s in each serving.

Now you can actually enjoy ALL the foods you like to eat and still get into shape.

You don’t have to be a trained chef to cook low carb dishes because my easy to follow directions will make you an expert culinary aficionado.

All ingredients are carefully researched both for taste and for their health effects.

You’ll find many one-dish meals that are protein and vegetables combined, from main dish salads to thick, hearty soups to casseroles.

Keto avocado salad

You’ll also find ethnic flavors from around the world right alongside comfort foods you won’t believe are low carb!

Save Money on Food and Groceries!

Did you EVER notice how expensive the “healthy” and “low carb” food items are in the grocery stores?

Since they are “specialty” items, processed specifically for a targeted group, they cost so much more than the regular food items.

Well, with Low Carb 30 Minute Meals, you can save a TON of money by making them yourself at home and not eating unhealthy, overpriced food from outside restaurants. It’s easy!

With Low Carb 30 Minute Meals, You Will:

  • Turn your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine
  • Reduce hunger cravings
  • Improve brain function, including memory, focus and concentration
  • Reduce blood sugar levels, with a major improvement in type 2 diabetes
  • Slow down your aging process and look younger
  • Be healthier, happier & fitter
  • Most importantly, you will reach your ideal weight much sooner than you think!


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40 low carb foods

Bonus #2:

Healthy Low Carb Food List

Find over 40 fat burning low carb foods that will fill your diet while keeping blood glucose down. This includes meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, fats, dairy, nuts, seeds, beverages, herbs and spices and will tell you what food to eat, what food to avoid which will help you make the right choices.

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101 low carb diabetes recipes

Bonus #3:

Low Carb Diabetes Recipes

Take control of managing diabetes with these 101 diabetes friendly low carb recipes. Whether you’re looking for low carb dinners, desserts, or snacks, these recipes will meet your diabetic meal plan and satisfy your taste buds. All recipes feature full nutrition information as well as diabetic meal exchanges.

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30 low carb slow cooker recipes

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Low Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

These delicious 30 low carb crock pot recipes will keep you out of the kitchen. It doesn’t get any easier than tossing in your food and letting your trusty Crock-Pot do all the work. They are super delicious and super easy to make. Enjoy both savory and sweet low carb food from your slow cooker.

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30 low carb one pot recipes

Bonus #5:

Low Carb One Pot Meals

Low carb one pot meals are a real time saver. You don’t have to dirty another pot with these recipes. They also make great family meal ideas because they’re super-easy. I have been obsessed with these 30 low carb one pot meals and I am sure you will too. Perfect for a busy weeknight.

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Low carb explained beginners guide

Bonus #6:

Low Carb Diets Explained

This step-by-step beginner’s guide explain all the information you need to know before getting started on your own low carb diet. Learn all about the real benefits of low carb diets and discover what they can really do to improve the quality of your life. Take control of your low carb diet and your life now by getting all the facts.

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What Others Are Saying…

Take a look at some of the reviews from people from all around the world, who have already downloaded this cookbook and enjoying the recipes!

Anna“This is a fabulous cookbook even if you aren’t on a low carb diet. The recipes I’ve tried are all excellent. I’ve lost 30 pounds following the diets and the book has kept me from getting bored. I got energy that I didn’t know existed and the pounds melted off!” ~ Anna M -Chicago, IL  5 star review


Lotta “The meals I made using these recipes came out delicious and my husband thought they were just GREAT. Already after two weeks I felt a great difference. These quick low carb meals were just what I have been looking for!” ~ Lotta J -Louisville, KY 5 star review


Rikki“Meat Loaf, Basic Quiche, Southern style smothered pork-chops, Spinach with a Whiff of garlic, Asparagus with zesty herbs, Father Sarducci’s Cheese cake, Creme Fraiche Ice Cream – these are a few of the 400 recipes in this remarkable book.” ~ Rikki S -San Francisco, CA 5 star review


Nadine“Losing 80 pounds on low carb diet hasn’t just meant a smaller size on my clothing labels and all the health benefits that go along with that, it has given me so much more energy and thirst for life. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!” ~ Vanessa O -Cedar Rapids, IA 5 star review


Nadine“I have been so impressed with all of the recipes. They’re simple to make and all very satisfying. I especially love the Creamy Tomato Soup with Sausage, my kids love it too and that is a big plus in my household!” ~ Nadine M -Dallas, TX 5 star review


Carol before and after losing 60 poundsJenny before and after losing 80 poundsDani before and after losing 75 pounds

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This is an investment in your health and happiness.

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After all, I’m not just talking about burning belly fat, losing weight and looking better.

I’m talking about slashing your risk of heart disease in a matter of weeks…

Protecting yourself against type 2 diabetes, degenerative brain disease, and malignant tumors…

And increasing your energy levels, improving your mood, and boosting your confidence and self-esteem…

Which can have a dramatic impact on your happiness and overall quality of life.

Importance of investing in health

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  • 101 diabetes friendly low carb recipes to manage diabetes
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  • Step-by-step beginner’s guide explaining low carb diets


It’s time to take action and invest in your health…

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Losing 96 pounds on a low-carb lifestyle wasn’t a MIRACLE happened to me…

This is your chance to get back to fueling your body the right way, the way your body was designed to be fueled.

Transform yourself into a happy, healthy, fat-burning machine that you can be truly proud of.

I did it.

My husband Josh did it.

Tens of thousands of other men and women have done it.

And you can do it too.

Thanks to these super easy and healthy low carb recipes, I’ve been able to completely change my life.

Woman feeling happy

I’m now leaner, fitter, happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

And I have so much energy, I literally don’t know what to do with it all!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started with the low carb diet or you are already on a low carb diet,

These 430 quick low carb recipes will change your life.

Grab your copy of Low Carb 30 Minute Meals cookbook now and I promise you… and watch your body TRANSFORM.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by this offer.

Enjoy your new life!

Angela Drew

Angela Drew bio

A Word From The Author

Hi! I’m a senior lecturer who has become healthier by following low carb diets. As a busy mother of two, I favor low carb recipes that are easy to prepare that my whole family will love. I’m so excited that you’re here and I thought this cookbook would be a perfect way to share my low carb recipes with you. Get your copy of ‘Low Carb 30 Minute Meals’ today and start enjoying every meal and every moment of your life. ~ Angela Drew



Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I receive my cookbook?

Immediately after your purchase, you’ll be taken to a page where you can directly download the PDF files. You will also receive an email containing your download. You will need the free Acrobat Reader program to read the cookbook if you don’t already have a program on your computer, tablet or phone to open PDF files. You can get a free copy of the Acrobat program now by going here.

Is the Low Carb 30 Minute Meals Cookbook available as a hardcover?

No. The Low Carb 30 Minute Meals Cookbook is over 450 pages and would cost over $250 to make into a hardcover! I wanted to make sure that anyone could afford and enjoy this fantastic Cookbook. So, I decided to publish it as an eBook instead. Electronic form makes it especially easy when cooking in the kitchen because you can view the recipes on your tablet or phone without having to print or carry a huge cookbook around.

I’m new to Low Carb dieting. Will I need more resources than this cookbook?

I’ve made it incredibly easy to start your new Low Carb lifestyle. The Low Carb Diets Explained guide will take you through all the information you need to know before getting started on your new low carb diet. Also the complete 30-day Meal Plan included in this package will make it so easy that you can go shopping today and begin eating a Low Carb diet tonight!

Is the Low Carb Meals only for people trying to lose weight?

Weight loss is definitely a motivator, but better overall health is the goal. Weight loss will be a natural occurrence as the diet is followed. People have reported balanced glucose levels, lower cholesterol, decrease in food cravings and more energy among the many other benefits of eating Low Carb.

I have health problems. Is the Low Carb diet okay for me?

While we’ve seen fantastic health benefits from people maintaining a Low Carb diet, we do recommend that you consult with your health care provider before drastically changing your diet. Find a doctor who is familiar with the Low Carb diet and will support you in your Low Carb lifestyle.


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