10 Simple Tips Lose Weight Without Exercise

Do you want to know how to lose weight without exercise? Losing weight is something that takes time and requires changes in life rather than momentary actions. If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose a few pounds without exercise, simply adding certain steps to your routine, we have some tips that can help you.

lose weight without exercise

Here are the top 10 ways to lose weight without exercise

1. Sleep 8 hours

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that sleep less than 6 hours and a half can cause you to consume up to 500 calories more in the day.

2. Drink water immediately after waking up

If you wish, leave a bottle next to your bed so that it is the first thing you do. Hydrating after 8 hours of not drinking water is important, help start your systems with the right foot and even improve the appearance of your skin.

3. Eat breakfast as soon as possible

The sooner you eat breakfast after getting up, the better. So your digestive system will start operating early. This is the time to eat a little carbohydrate (such as wholemeal bread) with a lot of protein (like eggs). Do not be afraid to eat a very complete breakfast. Add a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee to feel really satisfied. You have all day to burn these calories.

4. It chops all day

Eating constantly can help your metabolism, just make sure you eat something that does not fatten you like celery sticks. Buy a bunch of celery, disinfect and cut the stems into small wands and take them with you in a jar. Every time you feel anxiety or need to chew something, eat a wand (this also works to quit smoking). It does not have much flavor, but it entertains your mouth.

5. Everything you drink, break it

With the exception of coffee and tea, all drinks can benefit from being reduced with water or mineral water. Do you want to drink orange juice? Serve half of what you would normally drink and complete the glass with mineral water. It gives you a different flavor (and half the calories).

6. Dinner by candlelight

It seems a lie, but a study conducted at Cornell University found that people who eat in low light consume an average of 174 calories less than those who eat under fluorescent light. They think it has to do with a psychological trigger triggered by strong light (like the one used in fast food restaurants) that makes you want to eat more quickly.

7. The difference between “no” and “I cannot”

Saying “I cannot eat this” is as if you punished yourself for wanting to be healthy. That’s why research found that people who say “I do not eat sugar” instead of “I cannot eat sugar” or “I do not eat fast food” instead of “I cannot eat fast food” have up to 52% more willpower to avoid those things that do not help your eating plan. When someone offers you a craving that you know you do not want to eat simply say: “no thanks, that’s not what I eat”.

8. Stop eating 3 hours before

3 hours before going to bed, stop eating. That means that if you plan to sleep at 11 do not consume food after 8.

9. Learn to leave food

Do the exercise of always leaving a last bite on your plate. When we are little they teach us to finish everything before getting up from the table, but if you are not serving the proper portions or if you are in a restaurant many times your plate has more food than you should consume. Always leave at least one bite of each item on the plate to break the habit that is making you gain weight, and when you are at home, serve yourself less and less until you have only a portion of protein the size of your fist on the plate.

10. Avoid salt and increase pepper

Salt causes you to retain liquids and feel (and look) more bloated, but condiments such as pepper prevents you from eating more because it gives a flavor to foods that forces you to pay attention to what you consume. Use pepper, garlic, chili or onion to flavor the food without causing you to want to eat more.

Put these small changes into practice and you will see small differences that over time can become healthy modifications to your lifestyle. Eat well, sleep well, lower salt and eat only what you have are easy to adopt customs. Start today!

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