17 Tips for Teenage Girls Who Want to Lose Weight

How to lose weight if you are a teenager? Here you need to be careful, because the main thing is health. First you need to know where the truth is, and where the fiction, so as not to get caught on the hook of some myth with grave consequences. So, if you are a teenage girl who wants to lose weight safely for the body, but at the same time effectively – read on. We offer you 17 useful tips, tested in practice on how to lose weight teenage girl.

how to lose weight teenage girl

You’re Still Growing Up
If you still go to school, but want to lose weight, the first thing you should remember is that you are still growing! Recruit and lose weight in adolescence – it is almost inevitable, because your body adapts to different hormonal levels, developing its own metabolism. Do not panic every time you gain a couple of extra pounds!

Go in for sports
Yes, it sounds trite, but it is. If you are interested in team sports, it is worth considering to join the local volleyball team or football. Well, if you are a loner by nature, find an occupation for your soul – for example, take it as a rule to run in the morning. Sports – a great way to not only support the figure or lose weight, but also make new friends.

Choose from two evils less
In childhood and youth we liked chips, cola and sweets – hell, yes we practically lived in fast-food paradise! But it is terribly harmful! Unfortunately, fast food is an integral part of almost any teenager’s life. Do we offer to forget about these harmful delicacies? No. BUT, you need to start a healthy lifestyle and choose one “vice”, and change the rest for something more useful. For example, you can continue to chew popcorn in theaters, but change the soda to a mineral water. Or keep the habit of snacking chips at lunch, but soda change for fruits and vegetables.

Forget about soda
Did you notice that in the previous advice, we TWICE mentioned soda in the context of “forget and not remember”? This is because it is she who will not let the teenagers lose weight. Each serving contains a lot of empty calories. And what will these calories do? They only get attached to you in the form of extra kilos and centimeters. Forget about Coca-Cola or, at least, go to her diet options.

Do it now
If you are suffering from excess weight, and you still do not have 18, do not put it off in a long box. It will not be easier. Of course, losing weight to a teenager, and not only, is not easy, but if you start now, it will be easier. Much easier.

Find a real friend
It is friends that have a decisive influence on your fight against excess weight. True friends will support you and push you forward – to cherished kilograms. But friends who only seem to them, can undermine the desire for a better figure. Therefore, it’s better to hang out with people you can count on, and it’s better for enemies to avoid them-let them gloat, laughs best who laughs last!

Turn off the TV and computer
Did you notice that we are less and less tearing our ass off the stool? Watch TV, play video games, sit on the Internet or just chat with friends, but from home, lying on the couch. It’s horrible! This not only harms relations, but also undermines the active physical activity of the body, and in fact it is just necessary to lose weight (and then do not get fat)! If you want to lose weight, and generally stay healthy, turn off the telly, move away from the computer, go for a walk with friends.

Rise and dance
And again about video games. There are some useful ones among them. If it really pulls to play something, let it be an active game with a dance rug. Kinetic games are one fun, besides, you can do it in the company of the best friends. For example, arrange a competition. You will not only have a great time, but also burn the hated calories.

Do it for yourself
If you want to lose weight, because this is what friends, parents, a guy or someone else want, stop and look carefully into the mirror. If YOU like what you see there, but everyone says that you need to lose weight, go to the doctor – he will tell you honestly, lose weight or not. Only a doctor can give an objective assessment of the body and figure. Perhaps your desire to lose weight is caused only by useless general opinion (“because weighing 20 kg is fashionable”).

Apply for help
It’s hard to be a teenage girl. You can be laughed at, mocked. No one wants to help, others only think about themselves and how to have fun! If you are bullied, humiliated, or even just laugh, ask for help from adults – parents, teachers, loyal friends. Do not try to cope with the problems of this world alone – it will not lead to anything good.

Do not rush
Weight loss is not an easy process. Instead of dipping into it with your head, start small and gradually complicate the task. To begin with, give up carbonated drinks in the first week, then add one fruit each day in the second week, then start exercising in the third week. The main thing is not to return to old bad habits and gradually build up new ones – useful. Believe me, you will see improvements very soon, and these “little things” will help you go further.

Think about your dinner
Yes, lunch in the school cafeteria can be easy and laid-back, but you need to be honest with yourself: calories are not equally useful, especially if the school – a buffet. Instead of tearing between cheese burrito and fat burger, take lunch from home (but make sure beforehand that your home dinner is not the same high-calorie and harmful). So you can control what and how much you eat at dinner. Try cheese, almonds and orange or apples and celery with peanut butter, and also low-fat yogurt. Any of these dishes is nutritious, nourishing and most importantly – low-calorie!

Snacks and snacks
This may seem ineffective, but do not rush to conclusions. If you make too many breaks between meals, you will feel fierce hunger, and in such a situation, anyone can make the wrong choice and eat something that he will regret later. You know, eat 5 belyashas at dinner, because you “have not eaten anything since yesterday” – the most terrible idea that could ever come to your mind. Remember: you must “refuel” your body every couple of hours, but necessarily useful and low-calorie snacks.

Get enough sleep
If you do not sleep well, the body will not be able to control the hormones responsible for the appetite. In other words, if you do not sleep very much, you will want more, which means that you eat more than you need. Try to get enough sleep every night so that you can safely and fearlessly give up fast food for more useful food.

Do not skip meals
Most adolescent girls are mistaken, thinking that if they miss lunch or breakfast, it will help them lose weight. All just the opposite! Remember: the growing body needs to eat every 4 hours (at least) to pacify the feeling of hunger. If you let the famine dominate, you will rush to everything, and this, as you yourself understand, will lead to nothing good. Conclusion: you cannot skip meals.

Measure your portions
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you eat the right portion. Until you learn to determine the size of a portion by eye, you can try weighing the food. Use conventional kitchen scales and measuring cups to have an idea of how much you eat. Perhaps a serving of food is too big (most teens eat … huh … like elephants), and you can lose weight by simply reducing it a little.

Physical exercise
If you are engaged in any kind of sport, then you have the concept of gymnastics and physical exertion. If not, then you should know the following: 30 minutes of physical activity must be present in your schedule every day! Running, swimming, skateboarding and biking are great options. During physical exertion, you not only burn excess calories (and, correspondingly, lose weight), but also give your body and body a chance to stay healthy. It is also worth doing strength training a couple of times a week, because they will help you build muscle and accelerate metabolism. Exercises with dumbbells are perfect even for teenagers.

The above advice has been verified, proven and effective. These are great ways to lose weight to teenage girls, because a teenager is a “growing organism”. Remember, you can do anything! So connect the best friend to your grandiose plan and forward – to conquer new peaks!

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