How to Lose Face Fat: Top 10 Ways to Slim Your Face

Today you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to lose your face fat and get rid of that ugly double chin.

You may lose a few extra pounds on the belly or on the thighs with some activity (like sports) relatively quickly. But losing weight in your face is much more difficult – because the small double chin and the round chubby cheeks are quite stubborn.

10 Tips to Get Rid of Face Fat Without Much Trouble

1. The Right Diet

Those who eat a healthy diet, will not only rewarded with the desire figure but also with slimmer facial contours. This means in practice: to a large extent without carbohydrates, sugary drinks and fried or high-oil foods. These foods not only promote water retention in the body, but also on the face – which looks ugly puffed up. Instead, consume a lot of fruits, vegetables and protein foods. Other metabolic boosters are spicy spices such as ginger and chilli.

right diet

If you are looking for a good diet to lose your extra pounds, I highly recommend you to follow a low carb diet as it comes with many health benefits other than weight loss.


2. Try the Jade Roller

Rollers against the annoying Face Fat? Actually works. A massage with the Jader Roller stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic flow, which reduces swelling and makes the face appear narrower and firmer.

Jade Roller

The Jade Facial Roller Massager by Terresa is one of the best Jade Rollers that I have come across. Click below button to order one from Amazon.


3. Facial Exercises

Although they are not very common, these movements reduce the sagging of your face, effectively melt the flab on the cheeks and chin. The following exercises additionally train the facial muscles:

1. Keep your mouth closed, curl your tongue up and press it against the palate for ten seconds. Repeat several times.

2. Smile while tensing the corners of the mouth and pulling upwards. Hold the exercise for about ten seconds and repeat several times.

3. Blow open the cheeks and press the lips firmly together. Now slowly move the air in the mouth from left to right and back. Repeat several times.

4. Shape a kissing mouth and pull in the cheeks. Hold the tension for about 30 seconds and repeat after a short relaxation period.

facial exercises

4. Coolmini Treatments

So-called coolmini treatments also tighten the facial skin. And that in turn makes much slimmer contours. The skin tissue is sucked in by means of a special applicator so that a vacuum is created and then snap-frozen. This cold shock reduces the fat cells in the face, but patience is required here: results are usually only seen after two to three months.

For more information you may want to check out the cold therapy treatment offered by Skinney Med Spa.

5. These Hairstyles Make You Slimmer!

How to work narrower by magic and without dieting? What sounds impossible at first sight, is quite possible, because with the ideal hairstyling you can visually stretch your face and look much slimmer


6. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep also plays an important role. Only 7-8 hours of sleep guarantee that your face does not look bloated in the morning. Also during this time you can work on your face shape.

7. Lifting Masks

In the meantime, there are also special sheet masks to combat fat deposits on the face, such as the Magicstripes Chin & Cheek Lifting Mask , which tightens sagging skin in the chin and cheek area with a collagen, caffeine and vitamin C and E active ingredient complex. Acts like a mini-lift, except that you do not have to put it under the knife.

lifting masks


8. Less Alcohol

Drinking alcoholic drinks causes inflammation in the face due to the calorie content and significant fluid retention, the recommendation is not to abuse its consumption.

9. Drink More Water

Drink at least two liters of water per day. This flushes all toxins out of the body and makes a healthy and firm skin, which will help decrease the size of the cheeks. If you don’t like pure water, add some lemon to it and so it will give a better taste.

drink more water

10. Exercise

Practicing physical activities for at least 30 minutes a day will help you burn calories and consequently lose weight, this includes reducing fat on your face that will be favored with thinner cheeks.

exercise reg

I hope these tips will help you to learn how to lose face fat and look younger.

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