10 Ways of How to Increase Willpower

Reading about the famous stories of success, you probably wondered the motivation of their heroes and thinking to yourself how to increase willpower. All of them – champions, their coaches, superstars, showbiz legends and politicians – are distinguished by a kind of willpower. It is the will power that helps legendary individuals to move towards the goal and achieve the impossible.

Strong people are not born: the strength of the will to pump. The irony is that the development of willpower needs … the very strength of the will. Fortunately, there are several ways to help you to increase willpower.

how to increase willpower

Here are 10 ways of how to increase willpower

1. Simplify

Greater goals are easier to achieve if you break them into several small steps and consistently perform one after another. This technique will not only help to better control the final result, but will also give faith in yourself, which is so lacking.

You probably know the enthusiasm experienced by a person who has set himself an inspiring goal. Your imagination draws a bright picture of the future that will come when you do what you have planned and this feeling makes you act. However, the first enthusiasm quickly passes. You are already tired, and the moment of reaching the goal has hardly become closer. In such a situation it is easy to be disappointed in the conceived and to quit work on it.

Another thing is when you have outlined a plan of action and implement it in the form of small steps. This allows you to constantly achieve realistic results and enjoy them. A temporary hitch in one of the stages (it is impossible to avoid failures!) Will only mean the need to work on something else and will not seem an insurmountable obstacle.

Sometimes it is difficult to develop a realistic plan to achieve the goal. In this case, do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals. For example, if you want to start running, ask the coach to help you with the training program, and if you decide to learn a foreign language, consult those who have already learned it before you.

2. Concentrate on one thing

Your smartphone can simultaneously play music, follow messages on facebook and open the site of “Challenger”. Your brain, alas, is able to do just one thing at a time. In any case, when it comes to complex and non-standard tasks.

Doing several things simultaneously, you “spray” your attention, and your productivity is reduced. The frontal cortex of the brain, involved in this, is overloaded, and you get tired much faster. By becoming tired, you lose concentration and are easily distracted. No willpower will help you overcome physiology: fatigue is contrary to success.

Do not be tempted to catch everything at once: instead, choose the most important task and work on it. To strengthen will power in this case will be easier, and, concentrating on one thing, train it, without being distracted by what prevents you.

3. Go in for sports

Even if you do not set sports records as your main goal, know: doing sports helps to strengthen willpower. This was proved by scientists from the University of Macquarie in Sydney. As their research shows, even moderate, but regular physical activity makes people stronger – not only physically, but also morally.

Doing sports make people more confident, they can cope with procrastination, improve their mood. From this, the will of man develops. In addition, going to the gym is good for your health, improves your figure, makes you eat healthier foods and has many other benefits. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not overload yourself with exercises.

4. Look for inspiration

Work on the goal is often routine and boring. Even the most interesting result is usually the result of a long work, so you cannot do without inspiration. Find something pleasant that will make you move towards your success.

As an inspiration, anything can come up. Follow the life of successful people, subscribe to new videos from TED’ov conferences, read the biographies of those whom you want to be like. Someone can inspire a beautiful sunset, someone – a trip to the metropolis. Incredibly inspiring can be the support of family and friends.

Doctors believe that positive emotions associated with our goals, contribute to strengthening neural connections that correspond to these goals in the brain. You probably noticed that it’s much easier to succeed in something that is pleasant and interesting for you. This is how the strongest “physiological” willpower works.

5. Avoid temptations

Even the strongest in spirit sometimes succumb to temptations. World champions sometimes want to skip training, and business leaders instead of an important meeting go straight to the beach. In the internal struggle between enjoyable and right sometimes it is difficult to make the right choice.

Therefore, you can decide on the trick: to avoid situations when such a choice has to be made. The strength of the will of man is not unshakable, so sometimes it is simply better not to test it for strength.

For example, if you go to breakfast in a cafe where you sell delicious donuts, then you will be crazy to eat them, even if you are on a diet. And one day, when the morning turns out to be difficult, you will “regret yourself” and will not be able to resist. So maybe it’s better not to go there at all? Alas, this can happen not only with donuts, but also in more important (and even dangerous) situations.

6. Get enough sleep

When you do not get enough sleep, your willpower suffers one of the first. Cells of the brain do not have enough time to rest, and the will begins to lose power over desires. Caffeine or its analogs can save you for a while, but no coffee will not help cope with drowsiness as well as 8 hours of healthy sleep per day.

Try to plan your day so that you have time to sleep, at night curtain the windows with thick curtains. In extreme cases, you can take a half an hour to take a nap during the day – this will improve your attention for a short while (by the way, NASA gives the same advice to astronauts). If you could not get enough sleep during the workweek, try to make up for it at least on the weekend.

Only a sufficient amount of sleep will help to maintain will power for a long time. People who really have 4-5 hours of sleep a day – a unit.

7. Do not abuse sweet

Glucose is the main source of energy for the brain. Sweet food contains a lot of glucose, which is quickly absorbed and reaches the neurons, but then its level in the blood drops sharply. Therefore, as a reliable source of glucose, sweets are not suitable.

Another thing – products with a low glycemic index, which gradually release glucose. These products include many vegetables, fruits, nuts and lean meat. Try to eat them, not flour and sweets, and find that this makes your brain work more productively.

8. Train mindfulness

Many of the usual things we do “automatically.” Alas, not always such actions are useful – sometimes an individual approach is required, and sometimes our habits can be harmful.

If you start to approach them more closely, it will benefit your will power. Change and improvement of daily habits can turn out to be an excellent training for her. Such changes are quite simple, but they teach you to analyze your life.

9. Develop self-control

It is worth to be attentive not only to your own affairs, but to yourself. Each of us has the image of the “ideal self”, it can be achieved only by using self-control. Praise yourself for achievements, work on your mistakes and think about how to correct them.

Without self-control, willpower is a meaningless tool. It is self-control that allows people to understand how close they are to their goals, and more importantly – it determines what these goals should be and whether to strive for them. Do not forget to watch yourself.

10. Try Meditation

It is common knowledge that meditation develops will power and self-control. It allows you to gather your thoughts and focus your mind on the current moment. If you learn this, meditation will make you calmer, more attentive, and also help you prioritize your life priorities.

We do not encourage you to go to Tibet. However, the meditation technique can be used in everyday life and can be very effective.

… As the well-known saying goes: “We are what we constantly do, and perfection is a habit.” The main thing in the development of will power is consistency. It is not necessary to apply all 10 methods at once, it is better to try just a couple of them, but use them every day. In time, you will definitely see the result! Good luck!

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