18 Tips on How to Go to Sleep Fast and Stop Tossing

How to go to sleep fast without tossing and to suffer at night – all the same, lack of sleep can cause stress and general ill-health.

how to go to sleep fast

  1. Remember about physical activity. The more you move the day, the faster you fall asleep at night.
  2. Do not drink coffee in the afternoon. Caffeine has different effects on each person, but if the effect of a coffee break lasts to the night, then it’s worth thinking about abandoning this habit.
  3. Think about changing mattress. Perhaps, because of him you have a constant lack of sleep. If you feel pain in the muscles and joints, this is the first sign that it’s time to change the mattress.
  4. Have supper as soon as possible. Lying in bed on a full stomach is always uncomfortable, so choose lighter meals and an earlier time for dinner.
  5. Walk more. A short walk before going to bed helps to properly adjust the body and thoughts.
  6. Drink your tea. It perfectly calms, especially herbal.
  7. Try the healing herbs. Many people swear that valerian is what helps them fall asleep as quickly as possible.
  8. Have a snack. Honey, nuts and dairy products are not what you can, they are even recommended to eat before going to bed.
  9. Take a warm shower.
  10. Do stretching exercises. They help to relax.
  11. Meditate or engage in yoga. Clarity of thoughts is just what you need before going to bed.
  12. Do not give in to stress, because he does not let you fall asleep. Try to ignore all worries at least twice a day – before bed and for a short time in the middle of the day.
  13. Read before going to bed. At least a little.
  14. Set aside the gadgets. The bright light from phones and tablets sends to the brain not exactly the signals that are needed to him before falling into a dream.
  15. Turn off all the devices from which the light emits. It can be an alarm clock, a clock, a TV. The light from them distracts and does not allow to fall asleep.
  16. Use smells. The aromas of lavender and tea tree comfortably soothe. Add a couple drops of flavor oil to the bedclothes.
  17. Find the optimum air temperature for sleep. As a rule, it is from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius.
  18. Sleep only once a day. Restless sleep causes a constant desire to lie down. Perhaps it is the habit of sleeping during the day that causes bad sleep at night.

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