15 Habits Why You Are Gaining Weight for No Reason

You lead a healthy lifestyle, do not eat at night, do sports, and still gaining weight for no reason? Perhaps it’s all about wrong habits. Today we will tell you about the most harmful of them – habits, because of which you are gaining extra pounds.

gaining weight for no reason

You eat too fast

The tasks that need to be solved are increasing, and there is less time for lunch. Familiar? Scientists from the University of Okayama (Japan) found that fast meals lead to weight gain and obesity. Your stomach needs time, about 15-20 minutes, to signal to the brain that it is full. If you eat dinner in five minutes, you will not feel full. Thoroughly chew food and do not get distracted by gadgets.

You drink a little water

Thirst is very easy to confuse with hunger. And sometimes, together, to drink water, a person eats another chocolate. English scientists have established that people who drink two glasses of water before breakfast and drink at least six glasses of water during the day consume 20% less calories. Accustom yourself to drink water.

You are too socially active

We do not argue, parties, holidays and public appearances are great. But almost always the events are accompanied by food, and not the most useful. In order not to overeat, you need to monitor your meals outside the house, be able to stop in time and give up one more sandwich and one more glass of wine.

You sit a lot

Most people in large cities spend their working days sitting on a chair in front of the computer. This means that they almost do not move and do not consume calories. In addition to obesity, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic illnesses and even early death. Which exit? If you have a sedentary job, go to the office and from the office on foot, climb the stairs and move as much as possible on the weekend.

You do not get enough sleep

Deficiency of sleep is directly related to weight gain. Australian scientists have proved that because of lack of sleep in the body, the hormonal background changes and the strength for training is lost. The lack of sleep is often taken by the brain for hunger – especially this manifests itself at night, when instead of going to bed, you go to the refrigerator. Ideally, you need to sleep eight hours a day. Especially dangerous is the way of life when people sleep for four to five hours for several months. Such a regime can lead not only to weight gain, but also to harm emotional health.

You do not rest

Deadlines, trainings, meetings, traffic jams – and here you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Instead of rest you prefer to eat a can of ice cream and work more. This approach leads to an unnoticeable set of excess weight. A typical situation – one morning you see a gain in weight on the scales and you cannot understand where the extra pounds came from. To avoid this, learn to relax, delegate responsibilities and must allocate one or two days a week to quality leisure (ideally – without gadgets). For a relaxing day, you can go on a massage, a spa or a walk in nature.

You eat from large plates

On a large plate, even a decent portion of food seems small – this is how our brain perceives it. To deceive him, try to eat from small plates. American scientists conducted an experiment and found out that we eat 30% more ice cream if we put it in a large bowl.

Do you eat in front of the TV

While we are watching TV, reading news or surfing on the Internet, our brains do not notice what we eat. If the contents of the plate are already eaten, and you are still hungry, this is just the case. Try to eat in a relaxed environment, eliminating all the distractions – so you need much less food to eat.

You drink high-calorie drinks

Have you heard the famous story that sweet coffee drinks in Starbucks contain about 800 calories? Yes, yes, it’s half the daily calorie rate. Be careful with sodas and milkshakes – these drinks do not saturate, you can drink a lot and not even notice.

You eat a little protein

The protein is responsible for satiety and does not contain many calories. A plate of salad with a slice of turkey or chicken may be more substantial than a plate of pasta. Choose low-fat sources of protein – dietary curd, chicken, turkey, white varieties of fish, egg whites.

You eat a little fiber

Fiber promotes the harmonious work of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates all metabolic processes in the body, relieves of cholesterol and normalizes the level of insulin in the blood. Most of the fiber is found in raw vegetables, and in them, as a rule, few calories.

You use an elevator

Ladder – the easiest and most affordable simulator in the world. American scientists found out that we spend eight calories per every 20 steps up the stairs. Burn 100 calories can be for 12 floors – it’s about four climbs on a long escalator in the subway. Climbing the stairs not only burn calories, but also develop endurance and improve brain function.

You do not have healthy snacks at your fingertips

If hunger always takes you by surprise, carry an apple or several useful bars of nuts and dried fruits. Then you do not have to bite sandwiches from the machines or cakes.

You eat too much fat

Without a doubt, fats are useful, but in reasonable quantities. For example, one tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories. If you are struggling with excess weight, you should also monitor the amount of fat consumed.

You go to the store without a list

The absence of the list leads to the fact that in the basket there are chocolates, chips and soda. The best option – to think over your menu for a week, make an approximate list of necessary products and with it go to the store. So you exclude spontaneous purchases and protect yourself from harmful high-calorie snacks.

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