What Food for Healthy Hair and Skin You Should Eat

Hair, first of all, needs protection. The hair bulb consists of living, active cells that receive nutrients from the food that you eat. So what food for healthy hair and skin you should eat?

An unbalanced diet is a risk not only for the beauty of our hair, nails and skin, but for overall health. The whole body needs various types of minerals and vitamins to function properly, and reacts poorly to the lack of any of them.

Unfortunately, today in the fast rhythm of life, proper nutrition is often the last thing we care about. Many people choose quick and ready food instead of balanced and healthy food … However, to have healthy hair, you need to have a healthy diet!

What do you need to eat to have beautiful hair and skin?

food for healthy hair and skin
Hair nutrition starts from the inside, so the key aspect of beautiful hair is a balanced diet, rich in all nutrients, otherwise, the hair will be dull, brittle and drop out more and more often.

Diet for hair includes: protein – keratin, vitamins, mineral salts and sulfur-containing amino acids.

If your menu suffers from monotony or poorly protein, vitamins and minerals, it causes brittleness, hair loss, split ends, dull color, and other similar troubles with the hair. In addition, using chemicals such as, for example, hair dyes, regular hot drying or straightening with iron, you deprive your hair of the many useful substances necessary for their healthy growth.

Let’s find out what food for healthy hair and skin rich with nutrients and vitamins

Vitamin B (group):

There are some vitamins, in particular, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2 and biotin, which are crucial for hair growth. These vitamins prevent hair loss, and are useful for those who already suffer from increased hair loss. These vitamins are found in many fresh vegetables and fruits, cauliflower, nuts, beans, in whole grains. Lactic acid products also make their significant contribution to providing the body with biotin.

Vitamin A:

In addition to maintaining the retina of the eyes and skin healthy, vitamin A is responsible for maintaining a healthy scalp and producing sebum. This means that if you suffer from dryness, you should increase the amount of vitamin A that you consume, and which can be obtained in carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, broccoli, peaches, apricots, and other vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin C:

Like proteins, minerals and other vitamins, vitamin C also prevents hair from splitting and dehydration. To replenish the stocks of Vitamin C, choose vegetables and citrus fruits of red or orange color.


If the beauty of your hair does not suit you, maybe it’s the fault of the lack or lack of omega-3 fatty acids. This is what gives life to your hair, keeping it silky and shiny, and stimulates hair growth. You can get this nutrient in fish, for example, such as: salmon, tuna, sardines. Also you can find omega-3 in nuts, almonds, spinach, rapeseed oil, strawberries and cucumbers.


Iron is another important element for the growth of healthy hair. Without iron, blood cells cannot effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles and other tissues. You can get enough iron by eating eggs, green leafy vegetables, meat and fruits.

If you bring the appropriate variety to your diet, you will need less time than you expect your hair to look beautiful and grow faster. Plus, the right diet will not only allow you to have beautiful and healthy hair, but also help the body in its various functions, for example, the work of the heart, liver, kidneys, blood cleansing, lowering cholesterol, and other benefits.

Keep in mind that before you make a plan for treating hair with vitamins, be sure to consult a doctor to do all the tests. Only so the result will be most effective and such treatment will not have adverse health consequences.

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