20 Benefits of Drinking Water 2 Liters Per Day

20 Benefits of Drinking Water 2 Liters Per Day

Keeping hydrated is essential for health and well-being, but many people do not consume enough water each day. A person approximately 65% consists of water. There are plenty of benefits of drinking water. Without water, the average person can live no more than three days. Lack of fluid in the body is called dehydration. Of course, when you go in for sports, the need for the quantity of water you drink increases. For every hour of anaerobic exercise, you need to drink up to a liter of water.

benefits of drinking water

Here are the top 20 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

1. Water helps lose weight
Studies have shown that people who drink a glass of water before eating, during a diet lose more kilograms than those who do not. Drinking a glass of water before a meal, you make your stomach work faster, besides, water allows you to recognize a false sense of hunger: sometimes you think you want to eat, although in fact you are thirsty.

2. Water facilitates digestion of food
Water helps not only to dissolve fats, but also reduces the burden on your liver and kidneys, and also removes toxins. More about this – a couple of points below.

3. Water helps fight fatigue
Drinking water is necessary during each training, especially intense and prolonged – so your body will not suffer from dehydration. By the way, water with carbohydrates and salts will help maintain the necessary balance of liquid, prevent fatigue and exhaustion. Try drinking mineral water on fitness and watch your health.

4. Water prevents some types of cancer
Studies have shown that the more liquid you drink, the less you risk getting cancer of the bladder, colon or breast cancer. One possible reason for the miraculous properties of water is that frequent urination prevents the accumulation of carcinogens in the body.

5. A drunk glass of water increases the mood
A sip of drinking water will give pleasant sensations and ease. The reason is again that by doing it, you prevent dehydration, which negatively affects, including, your mood.

6. Water Prevents Headaches
Deficiency of water can cause a migraine. According to a study on the study of headache, it was found that two cups of water for 30 minutes can alleviate the symptoms of a headache.

7. Water makes the kidneys work
The main functions of the kidneys are the removal of waste and the maintenance of blood pressure and fluid balance in the body. What will “keep them in shape”? Water! It really works: drinking enough water a day, you reduce the likelihood of kidney stones.

8. Water energizes
Did you feel tired? Perhaps the whole thing is in the very dehydration. Drink a glass of water to take off sleepiness and return vivacity. Did not help – then choose something from this list and cheer up is not a joke!

9. Water is a billion times more useful than sweet soda
We already wrote about how and why it is necessary to reduce the consumption of soda. It is much better to switch to natural lemonades. To avoid unpleasant consequences for the body and an extra dose of carbohydrates, which are in large quantities contained in soda, cook your own. Use for its preparation natural mineral water and fresh fruit. Very soon we will share with you the recipes of simply divine summer lemonades.

10. Water helps to concentrate
If your work is related to mental activity and requires you to stay focused for a long time, keep a bottle of water on your desktop. It will help you to stay fresh and cheerful as long as possible.

11. Water protects your joints and cartilage
The cartilage and cartilage in your body are 85% water. It is she who helps them stay elastic and delivers nutrients to them.

12. Water gives a sense of satisfaction and comfort
Scientists recently came to a funny conclusion: lonely people spend more time taking warm baths than those who have a partner. The fact is that during this relaxing procedure (as well as after being close to a loved one), oxytocin is produced in the body – a hormone responsible for feeling satisfied, reducing anxiety and calmness.

13. Water removes a hangover
Too much alcohol, drunk the day before, leads to dehydration (yes, the same dehydration of the body). And, as a consequence, to a hangover. “Challenger” advises not to get carried away by cocktails and shots or at least alternating portions of alcohol with still water. So you will drink much less, and spend less money, and the next morning you will feel much better.

14. Water helps the brain to work more actively
Surprisingly, it is a fact: one experiment, conducted not so long ago, showed that students who come to the exam with a bottle of water have better results than those who sit and are thirsty.

15. Water is not toxic
With the help of water, we clean the house, wash the dishes, wipe the furniture, wash clothes and linen. Water does not cause an allergic reaction, so it is indispensable.

16. Water strengthens immunity
The throat is simple water, so you reduce the risk of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Never would have thought? We, too!

17. The water is delicious!
Cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries (and other vegetables and fruits) not only consist of water, but also rich in vitamins and minerals. Perhaps, the most pleasant and tasty way to get rid of dehydration is to eat something tasty and useful.

18. Water saves from the cold
Cannot breathe? Do inhalation with steam or clean the nose with salt water.

19. Water relieves pain and reduces stress.
Spa treatments, thalassotherapy and some other types of spa treatment are based on the properties of water to relieve stress and chronic pain. For example, the sound of the sea (even if it’s just a track in the library of iTunes) or contemplating the watery surface will quickly get rid of worry.

20. Water relaxes
If you are prone to insomnia, try before you go to bed to make a warm bath for your feet. It will help you fall asleep more quickly. Add a couple of spoons of sea salt or lavender oil to the bath, and then your skin will become soft.

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