6 Foods That Cause Insomnia Which You Should Avoid

6 Foods That Cause Insomnia Which You Should Avoid

The quality of sleep can be influenced by many factors, and food plays a significant role in this. Take a look at the foods that cause insomnia below, and try avoiding them if you find yourself munching on them in the evening.

foods that cause insomnia

The more calories in the food, the more time the body needs to digest, so our energy decreases, and we feel drowsy at the most inappropriate time of the day. If we do not consume enough calories, our body will be hyperactive, switching to a search mode, where to get the necessary nutrients. Do you feel that your diet prevents you from getting enough sleep?

Here Is a List of Foods That Cause Insomnia

1. Chocolate

This is a sad news for all lovers of this delicacy. Unfortunately, chocolate in the evening is really bad for your night’s rest. The fact is that the cocoa beans, of which he is actually made, contain caffeine, and he will not let you fall asleep quickly. If after dinner you really want a sweet one, try to eat some fruit. It is a natural source of sugar, in which there is no caffeine.

2. Spicy food

It raises the temperature of the body, which, in turn, increases the rate of circulation. When you go to bed, your body needs coolness for a good sleep. You, on the contrary, feel warmth, and your heartbeat increases. Leave spicy food for breakfast or lunch, when you need more energy. And if you want to get warm before going to bed, better take a hot shower.

3. Pizza

This is the favorite food of many people in the evening after work, but the combination of fat cheese and sour sauce in pizza will badly affect your sleep. It will cause acid reflux and heartburn that will reduce your attempts to fall asleep. It is better to leave pizza for lunch or for an early dinner, but not before going to bed.

4. Match tea and green tea

You think that tea calms, and green tea is especially useful for the body. But in fact in the tea match and green tea caffeine is more than coffee! They both will make you cheer up, as if you just drank a morning cup of coffee. These teas are best to drink in the morning. If you cannot fall asleep without a cup of tea, try herbal tea (for example, chamomile).

5. Fatty foods

If you had a very tight dinner, say, a fried chicken, it’s no wonder that you cannot fall asleep. Oily foods often cause bloating and upset stomach activity. You will feel overwhelmed, which will definitely interfere with your sleep. Leave fatty foods for lunch and try something healthier for dinner, such as stewed vegetables or a salad with a minimum amount of butter.

6. Water

Yes that’s right! Of course, water has a positive effect on digestion, your skin and the work of your internal organs, but if you drink too much water for the night, you yourself know what will happen! You will run to the toilet all night! And intermittent sleep can hardly be called full-fledged and high-quality.

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