15 Simple and Compact High Protein Snacks Recipes

Strive for an ideal figure? Then you need to consume more protein. This article will help you to fill your daily diet with high protein snacks. All the proposed recipes are very simple, and the ingredients can be bought in any supermarket.

high protein snacks

If you are aiming for a beautiful body, a relief figure, a muscular torso, you should understand that the end result depends on how you work hard and what kind of diet you follow. In this article we will talk about nutrition. And by the word “nutrition” we mean food with a high protein content, because protein is the building material for muscles. No protein – no muscle.

The problem is that the protein food is often not at hand, when it is needed. As a result, the body does not receive the necessary protein norm by the end of the day, and the titanic efforts applied in training are in vain.

To ensure that your training is not wasted, we have prepared for you as many as 15 high protein snacks recipes. Their zest is that they are quick to prepare, compact (you can take them with you), and the ingredients are easy to find in any supermarket.

1. Fruit with cottage cheese

Mix half a cup of cottage cheese and half a bowl of your favorite fruit. Do not know which fruit to choose? Try adding bananas, blueberries or watermelon. They belong to the list of products with the signature “super” for all people actively involved in sports.

2. Mixture of nuts

To eat a handful of nuts is an easy way to get a good portion of proteins. Why is it easy? Packs of nuts are easy to find in any supermarket. To diversify the snack, you can add dried fruits to the nuts: this will give the dish a sweetish flavor. What kind of nuts contain more protein? Almonds and pistachios.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Fried pumpkin seeds are one of the most accessible ways to supply the body with proteins. Half a glass of pumpkin seeds contain about 14 grams of protein, which makes them an excellent snack for athletes. You can find the packaging of ready-to-eat seeds in grocery stores.

4. Boiled eggs

Eggs are an inexpensive and excellent way to get a healthy dose of protein. Boil the eggs, peel off the shell, pack in a container and carry them to work. Want to diversify the dish? Cut the egg into pieces and put it on the bread.

5. Nut butter

Try the following recipe. Take a celery stick, cut it along into two pieces. Spread the nut oil (one tablespoon per half), and from above put whole almonds or raisins. If you do not like celery, cut out the core of the apple and fill the notch with nut oil.

6. Protein cocktail

Prescriptions of protein cocktails are very many. We will advise you one of the most delicious and easy to prepare. Take one measuring spoonful of whey protein, a glass of orange juice and a cup of ice. Mix it all in a blender to get a smoothie.

7. Banana Shake

Mix a medium banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter, a cup of chocolate milk and a cup of ice in the blender. You will get a drink with a high protein content.

8. Smoothies made from soy milk

If cow’s milk includes a rich range of nutritional elements, for example calcium, vitamin A, then soybean wins in other categories: vitamin D, iron. And most importantly, these types of milk are almost equal in protein content. Try mixing a cup of soy milk with a cup of frozen blueberries or raspberries (to add fiber and antioxidants). Get a great smoothie.

9. Snack with cheese and almonds

Prepare yourself a small plate of cheese sticks (or two slices of cheese), two whole-grain cookies (or slices of bread) and several roasted tonsils. Than not an easy snack food rich in proteins?

10. Nut butter with banana

According to the original recipe, you should take a rice cake or a slice of rice cake, but as an alternative, a toast of whole grain bread is suitable. Spread two tablespoons of peanut butter on it and add a few slices of banana. To increase the nutritional value of the dish, sprinkle all this with cinnamon.

11. Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is an excellent source of high quality protein (especially after exercise). For this reason, do not be lazy to carry a small package of this drink with you in case of situations when the body requires a quick snack. And yes, buy low-sugar milk.

12. Lentils

Lentil is an excellent bean product, rich in proteins. One cup of lentil contains about 22 grams of protein and only 300 calories. In the Internet, a lot of recipes for dishes with lentils, choose those that suit you more.

13. Grapes and cheese

Cut the cheddar cheese into small square slices approximately 5 mm thick, rinse the grapes. On the toothpicks, plant cheese alternately with grapes. Enjoy. 100 grams of cheddar cheese contains 28.5 grams of protein. Together with the grapes, this delicious snack.

14. Oat flakes with chocolate

Another recipe for a great snack. Place in a container with a lid of oat flakes, a cup of vegetable milk (almond, rice, coconut, sesame, linseed or any other), three tablespoons of chocolate protein and a handful of walnuts. Allow this mixture to stand in the refrigerator the night before consuming. You can add a crushed banana to give the dish a sweetish aftertaste.

15. Muffins with blueberries and flax seeds

Did not you think that you can cook muffins in the morning? Mix a quarter of a cup of instant oatmeal in a plastic container, a quarter of a cup of frozen blueberries, a teaspoon of baking powder, two tablespoons of flax seeds, two teaspoons of cinnamon, a teaspoon of olive oil, two egg whites, sprinkle with sugar or a natural sweetener. Cook in the microwave at maximum power 50-60 seconds. Enjoy when you get hungry.

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