7-Day 1200 Calorie Diet Menu for Weight Loss

If you decide to lose weight, you can use a 1200 calorie diet for a week. Such a diet will allow you to feel good and not get fat. But that your life activity does not decrease and you do not feel tired and apathetic, you need to balance the diet of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. All of them must be on your daily menu.

1200 calorie diet

Proteins, for example, are needed as a building material for cells. Animal proteins contain amino acids, which the human body cannot synthesize independently. To replace them with proteins of vegetable origin, that is, to follow a vegetarian diet, experts do not recommend, because in the main sources of vegetable protein – beans, lentils, nuts, seeds – there are no certain substances present in animal proteins.

Therefore, when making the menu, do not forget to include eggs there. Following a low-calorie diet, take only protein, as the yolk of a chicken egg contains 23% fat. You can use three servings (a serving – 30 gr.) Of low-fat meat. Lenten also include white poultry meat (without skin), tenderloin (beef and pork) and white fish.

It is necessary to include dairy products in the menu. They are the source of not only protein, but also calcium. Choose low-fat or defatted dairy products. In a 1200 calorie diet, it is recommended to include a cup of skim milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cheese in an amount of 40 grams.

Fats and carbohydrates to meet the needs of the body

It is impossible to exclude fats from the menu completely. Without fats, you will have problems not only with the skin and hair, but also with the menstrual cycle. Preference should be given to vegetable fats containing monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids. These substances are necessary for the body, and they cannot synthesize them independently. To the heart and blood vessels were in order, include in the menu nuts, avocados and necessarily fish (its fats are extremely useful).

Let’s move on to carbohydrates. Minimize sugar and flour, and to get energy, take vegetables, fruits and cereals. Whole grain will provide the body with minerals, fiber and vitamins. In a day you will need to consume four servings of grains. This can be a piece of bread, a cup of unsweetened porridge, half a cup of pasta, barley or rice, several crackers, three servings of airy corn.

When buying bread or cereals, pay attention to the list of ingredients in them. Look at the table of carbohydrates in products (it’s not difficult to find it on the Internet), and you can include the necessary set of elements in the menu.

Remember that the main cause of excess weight are carbohydrates, which are stored in fats, if the body does not need energy. In other words, we ate pasta, white bread, refined rice, sugar, cakes, chips or crackers and sit without moving – from here and fats.

Do not forget about vegetables and fruits

Turn on the menu vegetables. They are useful for a low-calorie diet as a source of vitamins and fiber. Their use reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Three servings of vegetables a day are necessary. Eat salads, cucumbers, greens, filling them with soy sauce or lemon juice. Choose dark green and orange vegetables: one cup of raw vegetables or half a cup of cooked (broccoli, carrots, spinach, Brussels sprouts) contain little kcal.

Making a menu for 1200 calorie diet per week, leave space for fruit. They are a source of potassium, vitamins A and C. Include two servings per day in the diet. A small apple, a banana, an orange, a piece of melon or a glass of strawberries will help you feel much better.

That your diet was effective, drink more liquid – 1, 5-2 liters per day. Let it be water, not juice, as it is quite high in calories. Water will remove from the body the products of metabolism.

As for contraindications, experts do not recommend such a diet to pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as those who plan to become pregnant in the near future. To sit long on such a diet is not worth it. Be sure to take a complex of vitamins, because in connection with the restrictions in eating your body will not be enough.

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